Audio Visual Systems

Home Entertainment Systems

We value your family time, and we are dedicated to make the special time the more valuable and convenient for you. We provide best in class home entertainment system that can create a cinematic environment from the comfort of your couch. Imagine a hassle-free movie watching experience with surround sound, complete control in your hands. Just tap a button to close the curtains, turn on TV, customized RGBW lighting.

Digital Signage, interactive display, & Video Wall

Interactive digital signage, turns viewers to users. The content becomes part of an experience that is orchestrated by users and thus personalized. Each user can express their preferences and selections through interaction, retrieving information specific to their individual needs and interests.

Stand alone digital kiosks can also help in displaying multiple content for indoor use.

Conference Room Solutions

A smart meeting room is an intelligent space that integrates hardware and software in the meeting room itself to create an incredibly productive meeting experience for participants, whether they’re joining the meeting from the office or remotely. We at Maisan creates best cutting edge smart conference room solutions for our clients.

Public Announcement & BGM System

A Background Music System in a commercial environment is a music playback system that plays continuous background music, normally via a distributed public address audio system. A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment.PA/BGM systems are quite useful to keep your guests entertained while they are waiting. Be it in hotels, restaurants, lobby’s and corridors or even at home having a pleasant music being played is quite soothing

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