Biometric & Access Control Systems

Biometric & Access Control Systems

Biometric Access Control is a system that holds the door for intruders and prevents them from accessing the resources by verifying them as unauthorized persons on the basis of biometrics authentication. In Biometric Access Control system, biometric authentication refers to the recognition of human beings by their physical uniqueness.


Biometric Access Control System works on substantiation by scanning the person and matching their biometric data with the previously stored information in the database before they access the secured zone or resources. If the compared information matches, the Biometric Access Control systems allows the person to access the resources. Today, Biometric Access Control system is considered to be the best and one of the most secure authentication systems.

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Face Recognition Systems

Facial recognition device feels closest to people without repulsion because it authenticates by recognizing people's faces. Face recognition access control provides employees with quick and convenient access to the workplace. We provide facial recognition access controls that is ideal for those organizations that need to control accesses to large or small groups of individuals. It works in a fast and totally touches way.

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