CCTV & IP Security Solutions

CCTV & IP Security Solutions

We constantly monitor your surroundings and remote environment for security surveillance reasons. Security system include authenticated encryption of network for safety of organizations.


Security Redefined.

We  makes sure every solution is customized as  per the clients requirements and aptness. Our top-most priority to strive at delivering the best products with customer satisfaction.

Solar & Wireless IP CCTV System

Solar outdoor security cameras harness power from the sun and are used to provide 24 hours of surveillance without relying on electricity. It uses the solar panel to convert energy from the sun and use that to power the camera without the need of electric sources or cables. India offers the most up to date equipment, advice, design and installation of your CCTV systems.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring refers to the monitoring activities of their clients by using remote devices, which are known as probes or monitors. 

Offsite Digital Recording

Offsite storage is an affordable, easy-to-implement service that gives you access to your files when you request them with file delivery services. 

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